Lauren Walz shares more of her favorite soup recipes with Cooking Planit, as she stays warm during the last few weeks of winter:

We had a bit of a cold front blow in here overnight — maybe one of the last gasps of winter. What’s better than a nice, warm bowl of soup on a cold evening? Maybe a hearty vegetarian chili, or a creamy white bean ragout with a chunk of homemade bread to keep it company? Who says soup can’t be a meal in and of itself? The right soup with the right accompaniments absolutely can.


One of my favorites is hearty, spicy black bean soup with fresh homemade tortillas, which, as I hope you’ve discovered by now, is available right here on Cooking Planit. The soup is spicy, creamy, and veggie-filled, and it’s so easy to make, you’ll have plenty of time left to try out those tortillas. Trust me — they’re worth the effort. WE’D LOVE THE PIN!

I’ll miss soup weather when it’s gone, so I’m taking advantage of it while I can. One of the best things about homemade soup is that you can make a huge batch and freeze half of it for a rainy day (often literally). I just let the soup cool down a bit, ladle it into a large freezer bag, and then freeze it flat. It takes up way less space that way, and it thaws in a flash under warm running water.

While black bean soup is a big favorite around my house, I have a long list of old standby soups to make on a cold, rainy day. Creamy Roasted Tomato and Orzo Soup is the silky, hearty tomato soup of my dreams, and nothing could possibly pair better with a grilled cheese on a rainy day. For a spicier, more exotic twist, another of my favorites is Curried Red Lentil and Chard Stew. It’s hearty enough to be a meal in itself, and it comes together in a snap. Or, if you have as much chard on your hands as I do, try Chard and Sweet Potato Stew, which, in addition to being an excellent, hearty bowl, also gives you the excuse to open a nice bottle of wine.

tomato orzo soup

Whatever soup you use to warm up these last days of winter, savor it, and don’t forget to save those leftovers!

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Emily believes everything in life is better when paired with great food, good wine and big laughs. She likes to travel, ski, play tennis and golf, host parties and spend time with friends. It seems like she is always in the kitchen and whether cooking for work or for fun, food usually takes center stage.

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